Here you will details of our latest production and information on past ones.

Drama Group Productions: How are they staged?

The Drama Group try to stage two productions a year. A play in the Spring and a Pantomime or Comedy in the Autumn.

What’s involved? The 2011 Spring production (Driven to Murder) began with the planning stage at the end of 2010, (what play, when etc). The Cast was selected in January and rehearsals began at once, During February, rehearsals took place twice a week, (for two to three hours) and, because of a late cast change for this production, three nights a week later in the month and throughout March.

The stage in the Hall is a ‘kit’ stage and was put up on the evening of Friday 1st April and the set construction followed immediately on from this (working all day Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd) and at various times over the following days.

The cast got their first opportunity to rehearse the entire play, on stage, using the set with all its props, on Wednesday (6th). Rehearsals also took place on stage all day on Sunday 10th April during which the lighting and sound effects were worked in.

The full dress rehearsal took place on the 14th April.

After the last performance on the 16th, there was a cast party, and the following Sunday morning, the set and stage were dismantled completely and packed away until the Autumn.

Add to this: Set design; costume creation; production of the poster for the play; creating all the tickets (all 90 tickets for each night have to be individually cut up!); selling the tickets; publicity; creating (and printing) the programme and you can see that a huge amount of work goes into each production.

So….if you buy a ticket, please turn up! We would hate all this work to finish with us playing to an empty Hall!!!

And yes, we do ask oursleves why we do it!

Buckland Monachorum Drama Group previous productions:

January 2015 “Maid in China ~ The Mystery of the Willow Pattern Plate”
Autumn 2014 “Bill & Ben ~ The Twilight Men” (included a 3-course meal)
Spring 2014 “Natural Causes”
Autumn 2013 “Rampaging Rats and a Heinous Hound”
Spring 2013 (no production)
Autumn 2012: The Dancing Princesses
Spring 2012: A Public Mischief
Autumn 2011: The Snow Queen
Spring 2011: Driven to Murder
Autumn 2010: Goody Two Shoes
Spring 2010: Ghosts at the Grange
Autumn 2009: Queen of Hearts
Spring 2009: Wanted! One Body
Autumn 2008: The Emperor’s New Clothes
Spring 2008: No production
Autumn 2007: Robin Hood & the Black Knight
Spring 2007: Two Funerals and a Comedy
Autumn 2006: Humpty Dumpty
Summer 2006: Murder by Natural Causes
Winter 2006: Old Mother Hubbard Goes West
Spring 2005: Beware the Hungry Stranger (Play with a meal)
Autumn 2004: A Tale of Two Pantos (Alie Barber & Sleeping Cutie)
Autumn 2003: Murder, Mystery & Mayhem ( a collection of short plays and sketches)
Spring 2003: ‘Allo! ‘Allo!
Autumn 2002: King Arthur
Spring 2002: The Wake (Play with a meal)
Autumn 2001: Winter Mixture (a collection of short plays and sketches)
Autumn 2000: Dick Turpin
Spring 2000: Weddings Can Be Murder
Autumn 1999: Hickory Dickory Dock
Autumn 1998: An Inspector Calls