Our 2023 production was “Tipping Point” by Vince Jones and James Cuthill.

Performance dates were the 26th, 27th & 28th January 2023.

Synopsis: Chantelle arrives at Crudley Recycling Centre for her first day at work. Ron & Reg show her the ropes and as the day progresses, we meet Victoria, Steven, Anthea, Lizzie and Tom, who all have their own reasons for visiting the centre.

Review of the Thursday night performance by Richard Mabey:

I hope you didn’t miss the drama group production at the end of January. A very enjoyable comedy, Tipping Point, was set in a recycling centre.

The one scene set, artistically created by Caroline Price was immediately recognisable to an avid recycler like myself. The different containers and the cosy but cramped site office and items for resale, so believable.

The casting by director, Sheila Phillips was excellent, and the characters played so well. Keith Coventry was Ron the ‘Del Boy’ type, friendly and helpful, but mostly out to help himself where bargains are concerned. Charlotte Heaslip was engaging as the enthusiastic, helpful young new recruit.

The star for me was Janet Larkin, playing the bunny boiler, posh lady who was throwing out all her estranged husbands valuable belongings. What a character, coming to the recycle centre 3 times, in three separate immaculate outfits in the space of one day. Nicholas Maxwell was convincing as the long-suffering husband confronting her unexpectedly at the recycle centre where their troubled  marriage was  replayed vehemently in public, very good acting with long dialogues.

We all warmed to Bella Alexander, playing Anthea, a dear old lady, out of her comfort zone but helped kindly by the new recruit.

Cameo parts by Paula Curtis and Andy Trzcinski, gave us the love interest. Sweethearts when they were young, cheated out of a relationship, were surprised and emotional at bumping into each other again, and wanting to arrange a rematch, a touching scene.

Tim Price was the patient, seen it all before, site manager character, linking it all together. 

All great fun, a full house and much laughter, and I won some chocolate biscuits in the raffle. Many thanks to all involved in that production.

The cast with Director, Sheila Phillips & Producer, Stephen Fryer

L to R: (back row) Keith Coventry, Andrew Trzcinski, Charlotte Heaslip, Tim price, Nicholas Maxwell. Front row: Paula Curtis, Bella Alexander, Janet Larkin, Laurie Larkin.