The Inaccurate Conception

Performance dates: 15th, 16th & 17th October 2015

The Inaccurate Conception’ is a raucous and often slightly surreal celebration of everyone`s first brush with the theatre – the school Nativity Play. Celia Whibley is a new teacher directing Class 3C at Verruca C of E Primary School in just such a play, and although the children are unprepossessing and uncooperative, they are the least of Celia`s troubles, her real obstacle is the unhelpful staff, some of whom are determined she should fail. Battling against the odds in and out of the classroom is a ‘learning experience’ for poor Celia. Will the struggle have been worth it? Or will it all end in tears! Adults playing children, children playing adults, it’s all here in this energetic and warm-hearted comedy.

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Some photos of the production

School photo

Class 3CUnhelpful StaffThe Wise MenThe Shepherd