Performance dates: 17th, 18th & 19th October 2019

Volunteers is a light comedy set in a Charity Shop. The action takes place over the course of several weeks. The Charity has appointed a new CEO, who has big ideas about how the shops should be staffed and run, which doesn’t go down well with the current Manager and her Staff! But….all is not exactly how it seems!


Brenda (Shop Manager): Bev Blake
Prue (one of the volunteers): Alex Chester
Denny (one of the volunteers): Shelia Phillips
Leanne (A young girl) : Jennifer Tabb
Claire (Area Manager) : Eila Grange
John (the new CEO) : Tim Alexander
Customers in the shop: Claire Allan, Bella Alexander, Janet Larkin, Keith Coventry

Volunteers is directed by Keith Coventry and produced by Stephen Fryer.

Volunteers is written by Hilary Mackelden, who has been writing plays since 1999, including full-length scripts and screen-plays. This is the first time Buckland Monachorum Drama Group had staged one of her plays.